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TROPHY TRACKERS AFRICA!         And there we were!



Henri van Aswegen


After growing up in Botswana and Zimbabwe, Henri van Aswegen became a professional hunter and outfitter in 1987 and has hunted continuously since then.

In the early 90's, together with Dr H Ebedes he changed requirements for the relocation of elephants from cables and railway line anchor pole fencing as a minimum requirement, to electric fencing as a minimum requirement.


He was based in South Africa up to 1993 where most of his hunts took place but also included hunts to Botswana and Zimbabwe.


In 1994 he teamed up with C.J. McElroy, founder of SCI, to market and hunt Zambia. There mostly depleted areas were used and he was instrumental in building up game numbers. Within two years these areas had recovered so much that they were now in demand by other companies operating in Zambia.

During this time he donated two consecutive 30 day Big Five hunts to SCI


"I have hunted big game on five continents with many guides and professional hunters, and Henry van Aswegen ranks among the top two or three. I can think of no other PH whom I would have wanted with me when he and I moved into a lion blind before dawn - with lions roaring at the bait 35 meters in front of us." William R Quimby, Director of Publications, SCI, 1994.                                                     




Ilinza Jonker became a professional hunter in 2009. Her passion for game and nature makes her an excellent professional hunter and an important part of the team. A full member of PHASA for many years she has a wealth of information regarding hunting.

She was a member of the Bloemfontein polo cross team giving her an additional advantage with horses. Horse safaris has been her passion for many years.

Her skills as a professional hunter, together with her knowledge of horses, combined with the woman's touch in camp, makes her invaluable.


Inacio Abreu is our partner in Mozambique. He did the following degrees in different countries. Forestry in Mozambique, Management in Business Administration in New York,. Financial Administration in France and Marketing in Portugal. He also speaks six international languages.

His family ties, commitment and vast majority of friends in Mozambique makes him an integral part of this company. Without his dedication the operation in Mozambique would not be possible.

He is in control of Government discussions, consultations, permits, legalities, staff, quotas and the procurement of areas. Importantly he ensures clients have a hassle free time in Mozambique.


Klits Botha has been involved with game and hunting most of his life. His late farther was an avid hunter and this sparked his interest in game which eventually boosted him into becoming a professional hunter.

His ability to entertain clients and make their safari enjoyable is an added advantage. Being comfortable with long hours and determination will ultimately provide the client with his desired trophies plus extra.

He himself has a lodge that provides excellent fishing opportunities and comfortable accommodation.


JP Vorster is a fully qualified chef and responsible for all meals in camps. His ability to present a gourmet meal using whatever in camp is a huge added bonus to industry. Supplies are brought in long distance and it is not always possible to ensure there are no losses, but with JP there we are covered in all meals.

He is responsible for the running of all camps, menus for the whole duration of the safari and training of local staff in camp management and catering. It is our aim to educate and train local staff in specific skilled job applications. In  off season times he also assist in maintenance, anti-poaching and the management of the areas.


Gary Buys is a dedicated hunter and spends all his free time hunting. He himself is an owner of a successfull company operating in the UK.

Gary is in charge of our marketing in the UK and his knowledge in hunting gives him the edge to provide first hand knowledge of the area. Born and raised in South Africa, he has a love for Africa which ultimately grows on clients as well.