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Big Game Hunting

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Big Five Hunting


Elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino have earned their reputation as the “African Big Five,” and the adrenaline rush that comes with these hunts are is what make  Big Five safaris so memorable. At no time while hunting any of these five animals can you sit back and relax until the animal is dead at your feet.


Each of the five has its own distinctive habits and temperament that requires an experienced professional hunter to guide a client through the hunt. Knowledge of the behavior of these animals is what protects the hunter from dangerous game in its natural element.

The Cape Buffalo


Of the African Big Five, the Cape buffalo has probably earned itself the most notorious reputation. These stocky animals absolutely refuse to give up until the last minute, which is why it is understandable why most hunters have such respect for these animals. Older bulls are often referred to as “dagga boys.” After rolling around in the mud, they are often covered by sun-dried mud.


Although they occur in most terrain, buffalo prefer habitats with long grass and dense bush.


African Lion

Seeing lions in zoos, pictures and hunting videos do not do them justice. As the saying goes, there are three times when the average hunter experiences fear while hunting these huge cats. The first is when he sees the track, the second is when he hears it roar, and the third is when he comes face-to-face with it.


A huge lion can weigh more than 500 pounds. With its absolute strength, claws and teeth, it is a ferocious animal and definitely the king of the jungle. During the day, lions might lie around and move away when approached. At night, they have no fear of anything at all.


African Leopard

The Leopard is rated as the best stealth hunter in Africa. It has tremendous camouflage and has the ability to melt in with the surroundings. Do not misjudge them because of their size, they are extremely powerful and can hoist an animal as heavy as 250 lbs high up into trees. A trade of the leopard is that it stores its kill in the trees where hyena and other predators cannot bother it while it feeds on its kill.


Leopard in South Africa has become very illusive due to years of harassment from livestock farmers who did not appreciate their stock being caught by this formidable cat. Not all PH's have actually acquired the skills of hunting leopard. We at Trophy Trackers Africa have had a great success rate allowing us to give you the best possible chance at taking a leopard if permits are available.


The Leopard likes rocky terrain and lush river or stream vegetation.