. . . . .  and there we were   !


C.J. McElroy

Founder of Safari Club International


Great Safari & wonderful people.

One Waterbuck finally but no one's fault but mine -

Thanks very much Henri.

C J McElroy. July 2, 1994

P.S. My Birthday is July 9, 1913

This is my 71st hunting trip to Africa.

Bill Quimby

Director Publications Safari Club International

Fantastic Safari !

Great People !

Great Game !

Bill Quimby, June 20 - July 2 1994

Ricardo Medem

My sincerest thanks to Henry and all your people.

You have good trophies, comfortable accommodations are above all top quality people.

A gold medal for Trophy Hunters Zambia and a diamond medal for its people specially Riana and Henry Snr.

I will come back.

Watch out !

Yours Ricardo Medem, July 27, 1995.

Hannes Schatner

30 Days for the big five.

Up to now we are counting 4 1/2 only, leopard is still in the bush, we hope to find him.

Had a great hunt shooting Elephant and Rhino's is different than shooting warthog.

I hope everyone gets to do it once !

Best wishes, Hannes & Margarita.