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For Immigration Purposes

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For Safari Purposes

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Place & date of arrival          Airline / Flight  No

Would you prefer to air charter or drive to camp from the airport

Camp arrangements ( the relationship of the members of your group affects accommodations, so please state how you would like

accommodations arranged

Trophies required in (order of priority) 

Firearms you will bring:

Make     Caliber    Serial no No of rounds

Make    Caliber    Serial no No of rounds

Make    Caliber    Serial no No of rounds

Would you like to use the company rifles if they are available?  Yes     No

Rate the factors that are most important to you: Trophy Quality   Price   Ease of hunting   Accommodation   Climate

Do you have trouble: Roughing it   Climbing   Walking   Hot dry climate   Hot humid climate   Cold climate None

Indicate one and explain:

I hunt only for the biggest trophies

 I hunt for representative trophies

 I will pass representative animals in search of a record book animal

Food that you like or dislike

Alcoholic beverages, mineral water preferred (these must be sent to the camp prior to your safari)

Medical problems: (see your doctor for antimalarial advice) Is your health fitness:   Good       Fair     Poor

Do you have any medical handicap, allergies, that might affect your safari?      Yes    No


Do you wear subscription glasses or contact lenses:     Yes    No

Indicate any other information you feel will help us make your safari more enjoyable for you