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Janaury 2016

 January 2016

This has been the driest I have seen the areas in both South Africa and Mozambique.

South Africa

We have had only 2 inches of rain for the season in 2015 and up to now 2 inch for 2016. This combined with the low rainfall we had in 2015 has really put a strain on grazing and water levels for the game. The result is we had to pump water and put out supplementary feed to keep the game going. It is especially the older trophy kudu, and wildebeest bulls that take a tremendous strain.

Good news is that although the rain is still very poor, we have had sufficient to fill some of the water holes and the grass and trees have taken off with their growing season.

Game is looking good for 2016 with absolute gigantic trophies available in our concession areas.


Although the areas have had rain, the water holes are still dry. Elephant, buffalo and eland still have to walk great distances for water. There is sufficient grazing to keep them going but we need rain to fill all the water holes. In 2016 we will lay additional pipelines to manage the water demand for the dry period, keeping the water as natural as possible.

This is a completely wild untouched area and we would like to keep it that way.

January saw us taking additional equipment up to the area including a boat to cross the Save river when it is in flood in order to have access to the Cinzine camp.

Poaching is still an issue especially with the elephant and small game. Poachers are using poison for the elephant and wire snares for the small game.

With the large herds of buffalo and game in the area, we look forward to a good season.

A meeting was held with Gonarezhou officials to discuss future management plans for the areas. During the meeting the Save River water level increased leaving us with a certain number of problems, One Land cruiser got stuck and had to winched out.

Crossing the island we came upon an even greater amount of water and the same cruiser got stuck again. With the help a nearby mine and the cruiser winch we managed to free the cruiser.

In addition we picked up this massive kudu skull in our area, measuring over 65 inches. It is second one we have picked up within a year measuring over 60".