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June 2016

The rainfall was not as per normal season which will result in a dry season. Grass is scarce and hopefully there will be enough for the game to feed on in order to survive.

Mozambique remains a challenge with the two camps on either side of the Save River. there remains a vast amount of work and with the area being over 300 000 acres, this takes time.

An intensive anti-poaching program has been initiated in Mozambique and the results are surprising with buffalo, elephant, impala, waterbuck and zebra settling down very quickly. Hippo and lion are suddenly coming up to the camp at night with the number of leopard tracks increasing every month. I remain very excited about Mozambique with all the potential clearly visible there.

The decision made by USFW has had an effect on the lion. Where we previously refunded the community for the loss of domestic livestock to lion, we can no longer afford to this as it now becomes too expensive. The income from lion hunts justified the additional costs.

We had several successful hunts taking off excellent trophies. Clients up to June included

  • Eberhard, Phillip, Caroline and Patricia in March & May, taking 10 kudu, 4 impala, 5 wildebeest, 5 warthog, 1 nyala, 2 blesbuck, 3 zebra, 1 gemsbuck, 1 jackal and 1 springbuck. 5 of the kudu were over 55 inches and one over 60 inches.
  • Georg, Johannes, Max, Christiaan in April taking 4 kudu, 1 wildebeest, 1 hartebeest, 1 warthog, 3 zebra, 1 blesbuck and  3 impala.
  • Heinrich in February taking zebra.
  • Don, Alex and Gary in May taking roan, wildebeest, blesbuck, baboon, monkey and bushpig in both South Africa and Mozambique.

Don's hunt in Mozambique became an adventure when we sank one of the land cruisers window height in the Save River on the first day. It took all of three hours to get it out and luckily with no damage to the vehicle. This became a much talked about subject with lots of laughter, suggestions and provided material for constant torture to ones ego.