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March 2017

An URGENT message from the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa:

The South African Police Services’ central firearms desk advised that they will no longer accept America’s Department of Homeland Security’s Certificate of Registration, commonly known as CBP Form 4457, if the date in the top right hand corner has expired.

The NEW CBP Form 4457, is available from Homeland Security’s official website:…/docume…/2016-Aug/CBP%20Form%204457.pdf

PHASA wish to alert all hunters traveling to/through South Africa, to obtain a new Certificate of Registration listing their firearms, prior to leaving the United States of America. Other ports of entry elsewhere in the World may follow suit so make sure your 4457 is valid.

PHASA strongly advises hunting clients to pre-apply, through a reputable, registered meet-and-greet agency, for temporary import/export firearm and/or transit permits. Although there is a small fee payable to these service providers, the peace of mind and time saved at the firearm permit office at OR Tambo International Airport, is well worth the effort.

We also request members of the public to treat our South African police officers courteously and in the same manner as they would like to be treated. Paying bribes is not acceptable under any circumstances and hunters are encouraged to expose anyone who tries to extort money or who offers a bribe to an official in order to circumvent due legal procedures.